This summer, the heat is beating records in Occitanie, as it is throughout the South of France. If you’re on a camping vacation in the Aude, how do you cope with extreme heat in your mobile home, tent or camper van? Here are a few tips for coping with the heatwave.

What to do when it’s (very) hot :

  • Drink water regularly: don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink (avoid alcohol, soft drinks, sugary drinks and coffee).
  • Choose light, divided meals, ideally rich in water (fresh fruit, green vegetables, yoghurt…).
  • Prefer non-strenuous activities during the hottest part of the day, especially between midday and 4pm.
  • Take a spray bottle with you. Lightweight and easy to carry, it slips easily into my suitcase.

Finding cool spots

In the event of a heatwave, the first thing to do is to find an easily accessible “cool zone”. Swimming is a great way to cool off, especially if you’re staying at a campsite with a pool near the beach or a lake . Alternatively, you can take refuge in a cool or air-conditioned place: a shopping mall, cinema, museum, church, cave…

Keeping your mobile home cool# day and night

The good news is that more and more mobile homes are air-conditioned offering a breath of fresh air in hot weather!

Otherwise, the most effective way to keep your vacation rental cool is to keep shutters, blinds and windows closed between 10 am and 6 pm. Open them in the evening, or at night, when it’s cooler.

Another tip for cooling your home is to put a damp cloth in front of a fan. By capturing some of the heat, the water helps to cool the room. On the other hand, avoid falling asleep with the fan (or air-conditioning) on. This can dry out the skin, mouth and nasal passages, especially for allergy sufferers.

As far as possible, limit the use of the oven or electric hotplates, which generate even more heat. Choose cold, no-cook dishes.

Surviving the heatwave with your tent

In summer, when the heat becomes too intense, the tent quickly turns into a real furnace. Here are a few tips for camping in (very) hot weather.

  • Set up your tent in a shady spot during the day, with the opening facing north.
  • Sprinkle your tent with fresh water or place a damp towel on the outside canvas.
  • Ventilate your tent during the coolest hours to create draughts and remove stored heat.

Tip: when booking with the campsite, if you book early enough, remember to ask for a shaded pitch. shaded pitch .

Combating the heat in your motorhome (or caravan)

Here are a few practical tips to help you cope with the scorching heatwave during a stay in a motorhome, van or caravan.

  • Equip your motorhome with sunshades and awnings: they provide effective protection for the interior of the vehicle.
  • Close the berries during the day, opening them at cooler times or at night.
  • Extend an awning around your motorhome to create a shady spot on your site.
  • If possible, cook outdoors.
  • Switch off electrical appliances when not in use (rather than leaving them on standby).
  • Turn on the air conditioning and fan before going to bed. Place a damp towel in front of your fan to create a cooling breeze.
  • If you don’t have an air conditioner, a skylight is the essential accessory for catching the breeze and cooling your cell.

Pets and heatwaves: the right reflexes

Humans aren’t the only ones to suffer from the heat: our animal friends also suffer from heatstroke. A few precautions are in order:

  • Make sure your pet always has something to drink.
  • Take your dog out early in the morning or late at night.
  • Never leave your pet alone in a car (even in the shade) or in a poorly ventilated room.