A green haven in the city#Authentic Nature

We cultivate the campsite’s natural spirit with large green spaces, tall trees and large hedges.

If you’re a fan of pesticide-free cultivation, you’ll find a wide range of trees, bushes, flowers and plants. You can enjoy the songs of the many birds that nest on the campsite, such as the hoopoe, the redstart, the turtle-dove, the titmouse, the cuckoo… and the song of the cicadas in season. The squirrels will delight everyone with their acrobatic games.
Despite very low rainfall, our campsite remains very natural, thanks in particular to the mulching of plants. Our campsite is a haven of peace where you can relax and recharge your batteries.
We recuperate rainwater and have always made our own compost, which allows us to have a pretty garden rich in fruit and vegetables that supply the restaurant. Between the chickens and the compost, zero waste, and good eggs as a reward!

Lately we’ve been providing our guests with herbs in various parts of the campsite, which they are free to use and which the children are delighted to water.