Camping in the heart of Cathar castles and abbeys

Follow in the footsteps of Cathar sites during your camping trip in the Aude

The Cathar country is more than 20 mythical sites between theAude and the Ariège. Beautiful castles, but also abbeys and exceptional cities await you at the gates of our campsite. n the programme: essential remains for lovers of history or hiking and all those who like to combine nature and culture while enjoying breathtaking landscapes and panoramas.

The History of the castles of the Cathar country

Catharism is a branch of Christianity that developed from the 10th century onwards in the south of France. This religious trend practiced by the Cathars (also called Albigensians) advocated a life detached from material goods. The movement was quickly perceived as a heresy by the Church and the lords of northern France. This was the beginning of the Albigensian crusade. The hunted Cathars took refuge in the hills and valleys, sometimes becoming true villages in their own right, like the Château de Montségur which was besieged on several occasions, before being definitively taken by the army in 1244. More than 200 Cathars refused to deny their faith and were thrown into the flames. This tragic event ended the crusade against the Albigensians. These castles were then used by the royalty to protect themselves from the kingdom of Aragon. Today, there are still many castles and remains that bear witness to this struggle for tolerance and freedom.

Visit the Cathar castles during your stay in the Aude

The Cathar castles are notably what we call the five sons of Carcassonne :

  • The castle of Aguilar
  • The castle of Peyrepetuse
  • The castle of Puilaurens
  • The castle of Quéribus
  • The castle of Termes

To access these five citadels that served as castles of guets, a short hiking trail will often be necessary, but your efforts will quickly be rewarded with incredible remains and breathtaking views. Indeed, you will enjoy a superb panoramic view of the Corbières with its vineyards, waterfalls and valleys, but also sometimes the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. The Cathar castles are also of course the castle of Montségur, symbol of the Cathar resistance with its museum nearby that will allow you to better understand its history. Located only 30 minutes from the campsiteThe castle of Villerouge-Termenès is admirably preserved and the village that hosts it is particularly charming. The four castles of Lastours, 45 minutes from our campsite are also worth a visit. Built on a rocky outcrop at an altitude of 300 metres, they overlook the village of Lastours and offer you an exceptional view. Finally, do not miss the pillar of this defensive system: the fortified city of Carcassonne. Stroll through its medieval alleys, you will quickly notice that the city has many assets to enhance your stay or your camping holiday in the vacances camping dans l'Aude.

The abbeys of the Cathar Country

The territory also hosts a number of abbeys that will enhance your hikes in the Aude and better understand their role in the history of the Cathar country.

Thus, half an hour from the campsite, you will find:

One hour from the campsite, discover also:

  • The Abbey of Saint-Hilaire
  • The Abbey of Alet-les-Bains
  • Saint Papoul Abbey
  • Saint-Polycarp Abbey

Welcome to the heart of Cathar country!

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