Narbonne, stronghold of Aude

Do you have a sense of adventure coupled with a love for world history? The commune of Narbonne is made for you! Our presentation in the following lines will certainly convince you.

A rich historical and cultural heritage

Narbonne is the largest and most populated city in the Aude. It has an authentic historicity: some of its sites have indeed passed through several ages. It is also the oldest Roman colony of the Gallic period. The illustrious Charles Trénet was born there.

Some tourist sites to visit

Once on the spot, you will not escape the desire to make a tour of the place. Here are some sites that we suggest you visit:

-The Museum of Art and History: a rich collection of paintings from various origins and periods await you;
-Merchant's Bridge: with its seven arches, it is one of the few French bridges still inhabited;
-Canal de la Robine: classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this canal links the Aude Department to the Mediterranean;
-The Archbishop's Palace: this building is very impressive. Its façade has three square towers dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries;
-the Dominican way (Via Domitia): you will always see it in good condition, although it is a multisecular road ;
-Saint-Just-et-Saint-Pasteur cathedral: left unfinished since 1355, it has the highest gothic choir in the south of France ;
-the Horrea: these underground galleries date from a century before our era;
-The Athlete: this famous work by René Iché is erected in the Sports and Friendship Park;
-Saint Paul's Basilica: it is one of the oldest French Gothic churches built between the 4th and 5th centuries. It remains famous for its famous holy water font with frog.

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