Camping in Le Minervois

Surrender to the charm of the Minervois

The Minervois is a natural region between Narbonne and Carcassonne. It straddles the Aude and Hérault rivers and includes sites steeped in history such as the Montagne Noire and the Canal du Midi. Let yourself be tempted by the Minervois charm, its many assets will ensure you an unforgettable camping holiday in the Aude.

Welcome to the Minervois!

The Minervois is both a culture and a history to discover as well as a nature that is distinguished by the diversity of its landscapes: mountains, valleys and hills but also limestone plateaus will be there during your walks in the heart of the Corbières. For lovers of water sports, the water is never far away, starting with the Canal du Midi, which joins seaside resorts such as Sète and Narbonne. The Minervois is also the name of the wine (AOC since 1985) very appreciated by amateurs and insiders alike. Produced at the foot of the Montagne Noire, Minervois, mainly red, is a powerful wine whose multiple aromas are the delight of the most experienced oenologists. Stop at the winegrowers' cellar in Lézignan-Corbières or at the Maison Des Vins du Minervois in Homps for a tasting and bring back a delicious souvenir of your stay in the Minervois.

The Minervois, superb sites to visit during your holidays in the Aude

Half an hour's drive from the campsite, Minerve as its name suggests, is the historic capital of the Minervois. With its natural bridges dug by the river and the Brian and Cesse gorges, the city has not deserved its place in the classification of "the most beautiful villages in France". A gastronomic land and a historical landmark during the crusade against the Albigensians, you will learn more about the Minervois region during your trip to Minerva. The village of Caunes-Minervois is also charming with its red marble, its Romanesque abbey and the church of Notre-Dame du Cros. As for the medieval village of Villeneuve-Minervois, it houses the Moulin Bénazeth, an instructive visit for the whole family. Lac de Jouarres (10 hectares) in Homps, ten minutes from the campsite, is also a peaceful place appreciated by all generations. Finally, do not miss the dolmen of Pépieux-Minervois, poetically called the Dolmen des Fées, an exceptional megalithic monument located in a magical and soothing natural environment.

The Minervois is also...

Wonders of nature at the gates of your campsite:

  • The Haut Languedoc Regional Park for a rendezvous with nature, between sea and mountains in the company of a rich biodiversity.
  • The gorges of Colombières and Héric.
  • The remains of the Cathar Country with its magnificent castles and abbeys.
  • Bicycle or barge rides on the Canal du Midi.
  • Le Gouffre de Cabrespine, one of the largest caves in the world (400 metres deep) which will continue to amaze its visitors.
  • The abyss of the gentle eye at the massif of La Clape to be amazed, a vertiginous site with impressive cliffs overlooking a body of emerald green water (beware of swimming!).

In addition to superb hikes or bike rides, there are many sporting activities to enjoy during your camping stay in the Minervois. Among them: climbing, canoeing or caving in the gorges of the region. Whether you are a lazy, cultural or sporting stay, you will easily find your happiness in this superb natural setting!

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